Craftsbury Marathon

Race Information

The 37th Annual Craftsbury Marathon & U.S. Ski and Snowboard SuperTour Festival p/b Fischer Sports
January 27, 2018

View this year's racer information packet here!

Entrant Instructions

Carpooling to Craftsbury Common

We encourage all participants to carpool to the marathon. Carpooling to the marathon will reduce congestion and crowded parking.

Travel Directions

From South take Route 14 to South Craftsbury Road and drive six miles, following signs to Craftsbury Outdoor Center. From North take Route 14 to North Craftsbury Road. Travel about 3 miles up to Craftsbury Outdoor Center.


Special school team bus parking will be reserved in the lower parking lot at the Outdoor Center. There is plenty of parking at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center.

Friday Night

Marathon bib pickup for both the Saturday classic and Sunday skate events will take place from 5:30 - 7:30 PM in Craftsbury Outdoor Center Activity Center. There will be no bib pickup on Saturday night.

Saturday Morning

Day of race bib pickup at 7 - 9AM Craftsbury Activity Center. Registration will available on day of race in person for a $100 fee for adults and $25 for kids 14 and under (we reserve the right to turn away registrants if field limits have been reached). Dropping to 33k mid-race will result in a DNF. You may not switch bibs or give your bib to someone else. An adult should accompany any children registered in the BKL event. Racers will be issued a meal voucher which you should keep for lunch admission. Your bib must be visible throughout the race. All racers will be given a gel at registration. Additional catalogues and free XC ski magazines from our sponsors are placed next to our registration table. Help yourself. Please recycle paper in the appropriate containers.

Warming Areas

Available before and after race in our Activity Center and heated tent.


Portable toilets at the Outdoor Center lower and upper parking lots and indoor toilets at the new Activity Center.

House Guest Accommodations

Please stay out of guest accommodations in Cedar Lodge and our Hilltop and Lakeside Cabins.

Pre Race Food

Nutrition products from UnTapped Maple will be available at feed station in the Upper Field and at Creek Road Junction. Additional food available for purchase in the Activity Center. Participants will be issued one UnTapped Maple gel at registration.

Race Seeding

In order to reduce congestion on the trail, especially during the start, we ask all racers to self-seed within your designated start wave. This will minimize the amount of unnecessary passing during the first few kilometers and make a safer and more enjoyable event for everyone.

Race Wave Starts

Course marshals will check your bib number as you enter. It is very important that you start in the correct wave. Once you have entered the corral you must stay in until your wave starts with the firing of a gun. NO PARTICIPANTS ARE ALLOWED TO START AFTER 9:55 AM WITH A RACE BIB ATTACHED. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. All participants please start off carefully and conservatively so you don't cause a pile up.


Wave 1 - 8:45am All VPA high school racers

Wave 2 - 9:30am All women's Distances

Wave 3 - 9:45am All men's Distances

Wave 4 - 9:50am BKL skiers + chaperones


Wave 1 - 9:00am All men’s distances

Wave 2 - 9:15am All women’s distances

Wave 3 - 9:20am BKL skiers + chaperones

Course Checkers

Course checkers will keep track of your progress throughout the race for your safety. They will also enforce the cut off times. You must have your bib number visible at all times on the outside and front of your racing suit.


Saturday is a classical technique race. Skating is not permitted; you will be disqualified for skate skiing. Using skating technique will ruin the machine set classical tracks for everyone behind you. We have a number of course checkers stationed along the trail to enforce these provisions. Obstruction and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be permitted.

Sunday is a freestyle technique race, allowing for skating technique. Obstruction and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be permitted.


The course will be marked with blue arrows on a yellow background and blue V boards its entire length. Be careful to follow the flagging at all intersections. The course will also be marked with kilometer signs. See the map for feed locations, first aid stations, checker stations, and course profile. Note that this year the course is approximately a 16k loop. Classes will race the following number of laps on the 16k loop: full marathon distance is 3 laps, half marathon distance is 2 laps, 16k distance is 1 lap and BKL skiers will do one 16k lap.

Danger Areas

There are several spots on the course where the trail makes very sharp turns on fast downhill sections. These will be marked with signs. Use extra caution; expect ruts, scraped icy areas, and fallen skiers ahead. Ski under control at all times.

Cut Off/Aid Station Closure Times

For safety reasons we will be strictly enforcing the following cut off times even in the event of a delayed start. This means Marathon participants will not be permitted to continue on the course after the cutoff time: The beginning of the loop will be blocked to remind racers of this important rule. No ski racers will be permitted to start a lap of the course after 2:00pm. We will have a sweeper with a 2 way radio starting around the course at the beginning of the course at 2:00pm. This person will follow the last skier around the course and report to the station chiefs that they can close aid stations and timing.

Drop Out Info

If you need to drop out, or if you miss the cut off time you must report your bib number to a race checker at the finish. Please do not leave the race or tour without making sure a race official has accounted for you. We may be searching for you if you are reported missing.

First Aid

First aid will be available at the Outdoor Center. If you notice someone in need of help on the course please report his or her bib number and location relative to the nearest kilometer sign at the next first aid station. There will be four stations:

  • Start/finish

  • Elinor's

  • Creek Rd.

  • Ruthie's Extension

Feed Stations

Feed stations will be located at approximately 6k intervals, at the Creek Road and at the lap on the upper field at the Center serving water and UnTapped Maple sports nutrition products (drink mix, maple gels, and maple waffle pieces) for the duration of the race for all participants.

Split and Finish Timing

We may have split timing at each of the laps and of course at the finish. Do not cross the finish line unless you have completed the distance you are registered for. Please inform the timers if you have dropped out or have not completed the entire course you were signed up to race. You may keep your bib as a souvenir of the marathon. If you are signed up for the 50k race and cross the line after only doing the 32k you will probably be listed as winning the 50k and put yourself and the race officials in an embarrassing situation. Water and hydration drink will be available in the finish corral.

Post Race Meal

Taking place in our Activity Center, racers will enjoy a post-race meal of chili, cornbread, salad, and chocolate chip cookies and drinks from 12:00-3:00pm. You must present your meal voucher in order to eat. Additional food can be purchased from our Touring Center cafe.

Racer Awards

We have changed the awards presentation this year for the convenience of all participants. In the past, nearly half of the award recipients had to leave before we completed scoring of all classes. This year:

Overall awards will be presented to the male and female winners of the 32k, and 50k, along with the top boy and girl in the VPA race.

Saturday’s age group winners will receive locally crafted bowls. Age group prizes will be arranged on a table in the registration area for participants to pick up during the post-race meal. A volunteer will be available to confirm your award. Age classes eligible for awards are: BKL (U14 and below combined), Junior (U16 to U20 combined), U23, Senior, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, and so on

Racers may also be eligible for door prizes. A random raffle of pre-registered racers will determine who is allowed to choose from the prize table during bib pickup.

Results and Evaluation Form

Complete race results will be posted on our web site at and the New England Nordic Ski Association at We encourage all racers to fill out the event evaluation form on our website so we can improve the event next year.

Delayed Start/Course Shortening

If the weather conditions require, the start may be delayed and/or the course shortened. In the unlikely case of an extreme thaw, icy conditions or severe wind chill, the race may be shortened or delayed as late as the morning of the event. In the event of lack of snow or forecast severe weather conditions the marathon may be cancelled. If these conditions prevail check the Craftsbury website for the latest information on the start/delay/cancellation.

New England Nordic Ski Association Marathon Series

NENSA membership is encouraged in order to be included in the interclub competition scoring. For more information go to NENSA does a special recognition of skiers who do at least four of the five Marathons in the series.